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Chinese shopping spree: doing Singles Day the right way_China SEO Company

Chinese shopping spree: doing Singles Day the right way

China’s largest ecommerce site Alibaba broke its sales record on Tuesday for the annual ‘Singles Day’, a celebration slightly lacking purpose that has become an online shopping spree. Alibaba’s revenue increased 62% compared with last year, showing the power of Chinese ecommerce. Mathew McDougall discusses the impact.

Alibaba’s annual ‘Singles Day’ online shopping event generated $9.3 billion in sales. By the end of Tuesday, the 24-hour event had reached 57.1 billion yuan in sales, and had shipped 278 million orders. This is a considerable increase from last year where Alibaba recorded sales of $5.75 billion and shipped over 150 million packages. 43% of all orders made were on a mobile device. These staggering figures illustrate the buying power of the Chinese consumer and the importance of ‘Singles’ Day’ on the retail calendar.

The growth of Singles Day

The monumental growth of this somewhat unusual holiday to become China’s biggest shopping day, is confusing to many Chinese citizens. This is largely because the event has seen many changes since its initial inception. Originally founded in 1993 in Nanjing University by students, the date was a celebration of being single; 11 November was chosen because it exclusively contains the number one.

It was not until 2009 that Alibaba adopted singles day as a tactic to increase its sales. It was from this point that the date began to grow alongside and supported by China’s vast ecommerce market. The ecommerce market is currently a $390 billion market, as of 2014; however, by 2017 the market is expected to increase to $718 billion, an annual growth of 25%. The sales figures are also significant as they come only 8 weeks after Alibaba’s public share listing in New York, for a record $25 billion.

The changing identity of Singles Day has actually led to something of a backlash against the event. While this hasn’t affected the growth and the success of the event many Chinese consumers are venting their frustration online at the blatant consumerism behind Singles Day that has done little to maintain its identity. As social commentators have highlighted, Singles Day has morphed into a Couples Day/Singles Day/Friends Day, encouraging everyone to go shopping together. Now the event is the staple of Chinese ecommerce. This lack of a strong identity, however, makes the growth of the event even more remarkable. Alibaba itself, however, has acknowledged this and has accurately stated that no other entity could likely create such a huge event in such a short timeframe, and with such little purpose.

This astronomical growth places Singles Day as one of the most significant dates in the ecommerce calendar, alongside ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’. This year’s Singles Day saw the participation of over 27,000 global brands and customers from 217 countries and regions placing orders.

International attention

Many of the participating brands have now turned the occasion into an event of their own, much like how retailers will put a great deal of thought and planning into the execution of other key dates, such as Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Despite its importance, however, the occasion is still rather insignificant in the West, and specifically America. The rise of Singles Day has been almost exclusively achieved without the contribution of the American consumer. While Alibaba are successfully attracting US retailers such as Costco and American Eagle Outfitters, as well as other international brands, to participate in Singles Day, they will struggle to lure in the American public for many reasons.

Randy Allen, senior lecturer at the Johnson Graduate School of Management, has pointed out the potentially fatal flaw in Singles Day is just that – the day. 11 November, 11.11, is already one of the most important and celebrated dates in the American calendar, Veterans Day. In addition to people’s general lack of interest in consumption on this day, it is also incredibly close to two more well-established ecommerce dates, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Some may speculate that Singles Day could damage and eventually replace both of these holidays. However its growth has had the opposite effect on the gross merchandise volume of online sales in the USA, which more than doubled during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year. This obviously fuels speculation as to what effect the success of Singles Day 2014 will have on these two events that are just weeks away.

There are also domestic issues that Singles Day will also have to address if it realistically wants to continue its current rate of growth. Shaun Rein of China Market Research highlighted that 35% of ecommerce transactions in China come from mobile devices. Alibaba, however, only has 31% of its sales generated from mobiles. While this is hardly a major disaster, it is still something Alibaba, as a market leader will want to address quickly.

While it is unlikely that Singles Day is set to become a prominent feature on the Western retail calendar, it does not mean that it should be ignored. As we can already see, Singles Day is having a hybrid impact on Western ecommerce. One key advantage that will always work for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is that they are after Singles Day. This gives retailers just enough time to analyse the success of that date and take crucial information and statistics and use it to their advantage.

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday already both offer fantastic value to Western consumers, retailers have to match the ‘value for money’ they are offering Chinese consumers. This should ultimately be an easier task this year as for the first time many Western brands actively participated in Singles Day. This means they will now have their own tangible sales figures that can be studied and used to plan for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While both events still remain strong in the United States, the fact is that neither generates the level of revenue Singles Day achieved. It is clear that the appeal of Singles Day to Chinese consumers does not lie in a para-social attachment to the event. It is purely the appeal of good discount that is attractive to Chinese consumers. This is why both Black Friday and Cyber Monday can realistically compete with Singles Day, as their core values are ultimately the same.

The future of retail

November will certainly be an exciting period for retail. Depending on the success of the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday events, the face of ecommerce could be forever changed. These three key events could prove to be the most crucial period in the ecommerce calendar and determine brands, marketers, retailers, and even consumers strategies and outlook to the next year of online retail. The question also lies whether Singles Days’ record is about to be beaten on 28 November.
Chinese shopping spree: doing Singles Day the right way_China SEO Company

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CWS Granite Slab, The China Cheapest Granite Slabs Manufacturer

CWS Granite Slab, The China Cheapest Granite Slabs Manufacturer

cws wanlong granite slabs factoryIt is lucky for you, you have found the cheapest granite slabs if you would buy China big gangsaw slabs, it is lucky for us if you choose CWS granite slabs manufacturer as your supplier.

CWS Wanlong Granite Slabs Manufacturer, a family owned and operated business, he has been concentrating on manufacturing granite slabs for 12 years, he has proven to be a leading granite slabs manufacturer, processing Chinese granite slabs in various surface finishes to domestic trade companies and oversea buyers.

China CWS Wanlong Granite Slabs Manufacturer is located in Shuitou town, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province which is the biggest China stone processing, manufacturing and trade area. We possess advanced stone processing machines which are introduced from Italy: gangsaw machine, auto-polishing machine, bridge saw, etc. Under the support steadily by Chinese trade company, our big slabs are widely exported to Europe, America, middle-east and many other countries. Serving the customers by the most caution, serious and responsible attitude is our sustainable faith. We do our best to lower the cost and deliver the slabs on time without any defects.

Company Histroy:

1989-1997: The founder Mr. Liu Xian devoted himself to mine stone of G603 in Jinjiang city, Fujian province. He built up close cooperation with many mine owners.

1995-2002: The company started to produce granite products in Jinjiang and Nan'an, the experience was accumulated gradually.

2003 till now: Due to intense competition, the company made a transition and produced granite slabs only, all gangsaw machines and other advanced processing machines were imported from Italy. From that time, the company got to cooperate with WAN LONG GROUP and the name was made officially: CWS WANLONG GRANITE SLAB.

On account of profession and experience, we are proud to say that the price of our granite slab is the lowest among the competitors in China, even if the price of granite slab is fine-turning every month, we still maintain the lowest price.

Why is the granite slab cheapest?
1. We produce granite slab only and have produced gangsaw slabs for 12 years.
2. The production volume is big and the processing cost is lower than other factories.
3. Every year we demand huge amount of "stone block" and we go to quarry to buy directly, the purchase price is low.
4. We are a family company, all staffs are working in the factory, we don't hire extra miscellaneous person and have no rent office cost is needed.
5. We don't go to stone fair and spend money for advertising; we give more profits to the customers.

Your prices are so low, is the quality guaranteed?

Granite slab is a product which is different from other products, as long as the stone name is same, the quality is same all over the world.
If you had ever bought granite big slabs from other Chinese factories, then our quality is same as theirs, and our packing and management is more professional. We cooperate with trading companies for long-term and export world-wide through them, we are very clear with the color and type that are popular in every area. We are pleased to introduce you granite color and type by our experience.        

granite slab pricess:What is the China Granite Slabs Price supplier

granite slab pricess:What is the China Granite Slabs Price supplier

granite slab prices

How to Calculate Granite slabs Pricing, what is your granite slabs price?

China granite slabs occupie an important place in the world, and because of the features of low prices and comprehensive colour, it is widely accepted by most people. So what is the price of granite slabs in China?

First, we should clarify that the size of slab is over 120x240cm, thichness 2cm and 3cm. Please see to the prices below.

Price of 2cm thick slab is around $20 to $30 per square meter, eg. G603 White granite slabs, G654 dark granite slabs, G687 peach red, Xili Red, Tiger Skin White, etc.

Some slab like Xinjiang Tianshan Red, Shanxi Black is expensive and high class, the reason is that those mine resource is deficient and located at rugged moutain, it is very difficult and dangerous to mine, and the cost is very high. A lot of people like its beautiful colour and pattern.

Prices for the cheapest red granite slabs like G664 Luo yuan red, G687 peach red are less than $20 per square meter,
Price for the cheapest white granite slabs like Hubei G603 is less than $20 per square meter,
Price for the cheapest granite black slab like G654 (fine grain, Padang Dark ) is around $20 per square meter,

The granite slab prices are fluctuated every 3 months, for some deficient slab, the prices fluctuate once a month. Due to the short of stone block in the market and Chiese government constantly close mines, we welcome your inquiry about the prices, please inform us the slab name, we will quote you accurate prices in 24 hours.

As a professional slab supplier, we provide all colour slab not only have stable quality but also have the lowest prices. Low price doesn't represent that our quality is low. Not like other products which have different quality grade, all slabs have same quality, the only difference is about the price, low and high. Welcome inquiry.

Yellow Granite Slabs:Welcome to Buy China Yellow Granite Slabs From Professional Supplier supplier

Yellow Granite Slabs:Welcome to Buy China Yellow Granite Slabs From Professional Supplier supplier

Yellow Granite Slab

Welcome to Buy China Yellow Granite Slabs From Professional Supplier at the Lowest Price

Yellow granite slab is also called gold granite slab, beige granite slab and golden granite slab, yellow granite will bring a warmth to the houses, the granite big yellow slab could be fabricated into countertops, tabletops, floor tile, even wall cladding.

The yellow color of granite slab with gold looks noble and elegant, it is very popular among most people in the world and it can be used widely for different applicaiton like indoor and outdoor flooring. In North America, yellow and golden granite products are the best-selling colors of granite. The extreme popularity of gold granite counters is attributed to their warm, conservative attributes which makes them combine well with almost any decor or kitchen environment;

In Asia, many people prefer to floor with yellow granite and use it as granite cladding by dry-hanging. In Europen, you can see yellow granite slabs , granite tiles and other beige granite products indoor and outdoor garden.

This offers flexibility when it comes to decorating and redecorating to a kitchen, house or bath, particularly when paired with a darker cabinet. Beige granite countertops incorporate shades of dark brown, light brown and white sprinkled throughout the texture making it easy to keep clean and look is best.

The yellow granite slabs are also popular in China, the famous yellow granite slabs contain G682, G657, Shandong Rusty, Tiger skin rusty, Tiger skin yellow, chrysanthemum yellow,  jiangxi yellow, Xinjiang Golden Grain, and so on.

Welcome to find the following yellow granite slabs, you can also tell us the name of Chinese yellow granite slabs that you need, any inquiries will be replyed within 24 hours.

Grey Granite Slabs:Buy Grey Granite Slabs from China Gangsaw Slab Manufacturer supplier

Grey Granite Slabs:Buy Grey Granite Slabs from China Gangsaw Slab Manufacturer supplier

Grey Granite Slab

Choose and Buy Grey Granite Slabs from China professional Gangsaw Slab Manufacturer - CWS

China Grey granite slabs contain light grey and dark drey, light grey contain g623, g640, g603, g655, and similar ones; dark grey contain G654, White Wave,  China Juparana, and more. In fact, some people relegate G603 and the similar granite slabs to white colors.

This total of grey granite slabs colors includes nearly 50 choices from around the China.

Gray granite slabs are incredibly popular in contemporary floor, countertops and transitional outdoor works. Many of these colors are simple and subdued, while others are quite dramatic, formed by incredible waves of granitic magma. From modest and unassuming patterns to swelling shades of silver and black, this photo album features almost all of the gray granite slabs colors on hand in the world today.
Some of the more well-known choices in this grey granite slabs include 603 and White Wave granite slabsChina Juparana Granite slabs. If you're interested in viewing these colors up close, you can stop by any local granite slab yard to see physical samples of some of these popular granite colors in person, you can also ask us to send you some email or sample tiles by air-express.
Granite and granite slabs is completely natural -- formed in the earth -- and so the veining and backgrounds can vary quite a bit from slab to slab. Be sure to reserve your gray slabs in person to see exactly what will be installed in your projects.
NOTE: While your local granite yard cannot display all of these grey granite slab colors, they will stock some of the more popular choices for your region. As aways, CWS Wanlong Granite Slab Manufacturer produce various China Grey Granite Slabs and big slabs in the lowest price, welcome your inquiry!

CWS -Be the Best Professional Granite Big Slab and Gangsaw Slabs Supplier

CWS -Be the Best Professional Granite Big Slab and Gangsaw Slabs Supplier

G640 Big Slabs and Granite Gangsaw slabs

G640 Granite Slabs, big slabs

Introduction of G640 Granite Slabs and Big Gangsaw Slabs

Name: g640 Bianco Sardo, Luna Pearl, Dongshi White

Releated Name:  G3540 Granite, New Grigio Sardo, Padang G 640, G 640, G640, Padang Gamma, Padang Grigio, China Bianco Sardo, China Luna Pearl, Barry White, Black Silver, Black Spot Gray Granite, Black White Flower, Deep Sea Rock, Dongjian White, Dong Shi White, Dongshi Bai, Dongshi White, Dongjian White, Granit Black Silver, Grigio Barrocco, Luna Pearl, Small White Flower, Spotted Zebra, Sugar Beige, White Leopard, White of Dongshi, White Pearl, all are gangsaw slabs.
Water Absorption Rate:1.28 %
Rock Density (W.A.) :2680 kg/m3
Compressive Strength:191.0 MPa
Bending Strength:16.5 MPa
Scleroscope Hardness:-
Abrasion Resis. Hardness:-
Application:Counter tops and bars, Interior wall panels, Water walls and fountains
Standard sizes: 2400up x1200up x 20/30mm, most of our gangsaw slabs are larger than 1600x2500mm, any thick of slabs is available.
Finished of granite slabs: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Flamed plus Brushed, Leather, Antique, Sawn cut, Sand blasted, Acid-washed, and any customized processing surface is available .

Packing: lined with plastic film,then in strong fumigated wooden bundles reaching.

Loading Quantity:  450m2 for 20mm or 300m2 for 30mm (27Tons if)
G640 granite slabs are suitable for counter tops and bars, Interior wall panels, Water walls and fountains. Widely used in hotels,restaurants,countertops, table tops, sink, commercial and residential buildings, or buy them and cut into big slabs for customers who will cut them to other sizes on their own saw machine. Counter tops and bars, Interior wall panels, Water walls and fountains
European standard with Fumigation certificate available.

g640 Bianco Sardo, Luna Pearl